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We work towards ensuring a paradigm shift in learning. It’s all about ” Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose”


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Neuroscience & Human Cognition Courses for enriching classroom teaching.  Basic / Advance / Associate levels


We offer methodologies which allow teachers to manage the classroom by igniting the brain. These methodologies are non-disruptive; curriculum is not changed, but the way it is delivered and received is updated.


The IBBRF Certification program has been designed to train passionate educators to help reach teachers, administrators, families and policy makers. They in turn knock down the barriers of stress, bias and emotional reactivity with powerful, practical and proven brain-based learning strategies that help all students learn and succeed.

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we teach and learn in classrooms. We have to step up as neural educator and take the lead.  We work with educators to translate Neuro-scientific research which can be accessible from boardroom to classroom.

Best Research Organisation

We work with industry leaders in the space of cognitive neuroscience and are the first to implement the newest findings in the classroom.

Learn at Your Own Pace

All our programs are structured in a way that the learners can schedule the course without hassle of clashing with their employment obligation.

Professional Certification

After the completion of the course you have the choice to appearing for assessment to clear and obtain NSDC, a Govt of India, recognized certification.

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“Hands down the best, most useful, & most relevant program. A must attend for all age Educators”
Madhumita Adhya, Neural Champion , IBBRF
Thank you IBBRF for delivering the excellent training in Basic course. My students and I now clearly understand the potential of human cognition.
Roseline Gomes
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I also liked the way we constantly build and scaffold the learning through innovative and iterative process. A must recommend for all Teachers.
Francis D'Costa
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“This training is easily the best training I have ever attended in the last 5 years. There were no boring moments whatsoever, and the IBBRF team has a wealth of quality knowledge to be shared. A very pleasant & professional team.”

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